Define begging…


Run for cover, soundboy! Gwaan go hide! Keep your distance! When the champion sound’s inside!seeing it


Can you see our broken World where happiness is mistaken for clothes! Can you see the signs…!

Humanity: The most fair miracles of them all

Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to bring to your attention, THE Field Kids!

There is no measure for their imagination, their games, their dreams. There’s only one thing that can put an end to their adventure. Wonder what is it? Well, I would otherwise leave you to come up with the answer, but we have proven to be quite oblivious to these matters so perhaps it is better to simply let you in on it. Well, there we go, it is the trivial event of them becoming grown ups and having to face a world we have been building up for them. And I highly doubt their grown up world will have anything in common with ours.

Dare to peek into their magical world? You may get a glimpse of what true happiness and freedom is. But be quick or else it will be gone! We all know how much childhood lasts….

Field Kid



When I gaze at the mountains

and listen to the songs of all the springs,

to the sounds of Rila and Pirin

I hear, I hear the voice of dear,

of my dear homeland!


The Big Trip Up Yonder

The Sun’s not up yet. The excitement’s there though. Grab a bite and on our way. Start with a steep climb. Go on a long narrow plain and meet cremlings, sheep and herbs hunters. Then down the path and through the forest. As after every down there comes the up, up, and up…The Sun is high already. When did it come? It close, we’re close, nevermind the heat. Listen to the heart hoping with a rhythm. Does it not make you dance the hill up? It does to us.

We get there, but the Heaven cannot be seen. How’s that real? Have we failed? And if so why do we not feel sad?

Well, off we go back as the day will soon come to an end. And walk, and walk, and walk. It’s alright, this Heaven we heard of is not here. Another reason to keep searching. Down we go, down we go, and then up, and up. We walk the long plain in between hills again. Three in a column, one behind another, we marsh as if in a childish game. Known places we pass, different they seem. Close we are to being back. We turn and look behind. One last peek back to where we are coming from. Wait! The Sun wants to tell us something: “Good bye my friends! See, there’s Heaven!”, and points with rays as if with human fingers….

Heaven Discovered...

Heaven Discovered…

Sometimes all you need is music….

Have you ever pitied yourself because you cannot play music? Or sing? There’s not a single right tone despite knowing every sound of the guitars, the drums, the bass (etc.) of all the songs of all the bands and musicians you love. It used to make me sad. But not anymore. I realized that everyone has her/his own way of appreciating music. I’m sure you’re thinking about all the headbanging, moshing, jumping, waving and last but definitely not least screaming on concerts, festivals and small gigs you’ve been part of so far. That works perfectly fine. Some may say it’s the most enjoyable form of appreciating music.

But it wasn’t enough for me. After all the failed attempts to start playing guitar, bongos, harmonica and even the tin whistle I just had to give up. But then one day I looked at the charts of the music I’ve listened to since the beginning of 2006 and I realized that for 6 years I have listened to more than 80 000 tracks from more than 4000 different artist (LONG LIVE!!!).

But even that didn’t help me overcome my chronic sadness for the fact that I just don’t have the talent. I needed to do something more. I needed to find the music within myself.

And then it came to me. It was as sudden as a rain storm in July. I had been doing it almost all my life. I had the music in me, I just had to realized it.

And it was there all along.

I take pictures of musicians. Mostly buskers, but I just can’t help it. It’s like a natural urge to me. I won’t be able to count all the pictures of musicians I have taken. I wouldn’t even try, but that’s another thing.

And now my mind’s at rest…..