The Big Trip Up Yonder

The Sun’s not up yet. The excitement’s there though. Grab a bite and on our way. Start with a steep climb. Go on a long narrow plain and meet cremlings, sheep and herbs hunters. Then down the path and through the forest. As after every down there comes the up, up, and up…The Sun is high already. When did it come? It close, we’re close, nevermind the heat. Listen to the heart hoping with a rhythm. Does it not make you dance the hill up? It does to us.

We get there, but the Heaven cannot be seen. How’s that real? Have we failed? And if so why do we not feel sad?

Well, off we go back as the day will soon come to an end. And walk, and walk, and walk. It’s alright, this Heaven we heard of is not here. Another reason to keep searching. Down we go, down we go, and then up, and up. We walk the long plain in between hills again. Three in a column, one behind another, we marsh as if in a childish game. Known places we pass, different they seem. Close we are to being back. We turn and look behind. One last peek back to where we are coming from. Wait! The Sun wants to tell us something: “Good bye my friends! See, there’s Heaven!”, and points with rays as if with human fingers….

Heaven Discovered...

Heaven Discovered…


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