This is how I make the World being mine

Spain Rain

Sitting in a café in the city centre, trying to enjoy my thoughts without staring at people too much. A bit before noon. You can see a film camera not too far away from me recording a long single take. I hear a song by an unknown singer-songwriter selling his beloved “masterpiece” on the radio. It’s that time of the day when “happy” couples are most of the customers. One such comes in, immediately turns towards the pastries’ stand. The girl wants a muffin and the boy orders a croissant. They are in their late twenties and the guy seems to be insisting on paying. While they are politely discussing the matter, the camera slowly turns and goes outside the door. It’s raining hard and the small square in front of the café is almost empty. One exception. A woman with and umbrella walking fast across its middle. The rain drops fall from the sides of the umbrella creating a small rain free circle around her as she moves. The woman passes and the camera slowly turns around and comes back to the café as if this was just an interlude. As it enters the door it suddenly turns around faster for couple of seconds and freezes on a woman standing straight up close to the counter. She is all wet, she is shivering despite the fact that it is early autumn and the rain could not be too cold. The music stops. She seems familiar. Only the sound of the rain is interrupting the scene.  There is something frightening about her.

She was just outside crossing the square, and now she’s here. She had an umbrella and now she doesn’t and is wet.

I can see every single frame of every single second of the movie flashing before me. I can hear the sounds being recorded by the microphone. It’s as if my eyes draw the way, and the camera follows. It was me who made the woman appear inside. I feel terrified and powerful! I stand up and walk out. I stop and feel the World being mine…..


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