Dreaming is not what it used to ….

Couple a days ago I was asked to tell the story of how I got introduced to the joy of reading. I remembered the first book I ever read. I must have been no older than 7. It reminded me of the great satisfaction the enchanted world of words brought about in me. After I finished it, I wanted to read all the books in the whole world. When hear this, most people would smile and say that even for a kid this is pretty ambitious. And most probably this is the reason I still keep that dream alive.

Nowadays, the time people have for dreaming has been severely reduced. Some may say that the recent governments’ austerity measures along with reducing public spending also cut on people’s dreams. Even though this is becoming a common view, I still can’t believe a crisis can be the real cause. People do it to themselves. If something seems unreasonable, it is no longer a dream. Well, I still dream about being an astronaut and who’s to tell me it won’t happen?

The future is the most essential part of dreaming. That’s where dreams can and do come true. I can confess with no shame that I’m not even half way reading all the books in the world, but nevertheless I keep reading. I can still see it happen in the future and that’s what makes me happy. I believe that the moment people lose the ability to believe in their dreams is the moment they learn how to be unhappy. And if asked directly “Do you want to be unhappy?” everyone will say no. Well then, find yourself a new dream and don’t ever let go!

Dream the readingPhoto: http://www.flickr.com/photos/galetoou/8523018535/


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