Sing as their Bones go Marching in Again


Send in your skeletons…. and follow me…


I’m the hand that’ll take you down, bring you to your knees…


I’m the face that you have to face, mirrorin‘ your stare…
I’m the one who dare say: ‘Yeah, who are you?’ …

P.S. Thanks of the inspirational push from BL

Humanity: The most fair miracles of them all

Ladies and gentleman, it is my pleasure to bring to your attention, THE Field Kids!

There is no measure for their imagination, their games, their dreams. There’s only one thing that can put an end to their adventure. Wonder what is it? Well, I would otherwise leave you to come up with the answer, but we have proven to be quite oblivious to these matters so perhaps it is better to simply let you in on it. Well, there we go, it is the trivial event of them becoming grown ups and having to face a world we have been building up for them. And I highly doubt their grown up world will have anything in common with ours.

Dare to peek into their magical world? You may get a glimpse of what true happiness and freedom is. But be quick or else it will be gone! We all know how much childhood lasts….

Field Kid



When I gaze at the mountains

and listen to the songs of all the springs,

to the sounds of Rila and Pirin

I hear, I hear the voice of dear,

of my dear homeland!